Propel Cycling offers the key services to improve your ride: Fitting, Performance Testing, Coaching

If you are interested in any of the services listed below, please contact Matt to schedule an appointment.

Bike Fitting

Be properly fit with the state-of-the-art 3D motion capture Retul system.

All bodies are put together differently: your position on the bike should reflect your individual biomechanics. An accurate bike fit will help minimize the likelihood of injury, and maximize your efficiency and comfort. An optimal position on the bike increases ease and enjoyment while riding.

Performance Testing

Learn your current level of fitness and develop HR & power training zones.

Tracking your progress with state-of-the art technology, performance testing provides accurate physiological data to help you track and improve your fitness.

  • Lactate testing: $175
  • Maximal Lactate Steady State: $175
  • Field Testing: $150
  • Conconi Testing: $125
  • VO2 max testing: Inquire

* Receive $20 off above prices if you sign up for monthly coaching at the time of testing.


Highly customized and personalized coaching fit to your schedule & goals.

Set and achieve your cycling goals with the professional support of an experienced Coach, dedicated to helping you improve your ride.

  • Individual Cycling using power: $275/month
  • Individual Cycling using HR: $225/month
  • Group Coaching - Inquire