Very pleased to be here

This website has been in my brain for a long time now, so I'm very pleased to have it finally out in the virtual reality that is the web.  I want to thank my athlete and friend, Dani Spires for her concrete help in designing the site and helping me get this going. I also want to thank my wife, Wendy, for her many good and helpful thoughts and suggestions. 

I'm hoping to make this blog interactive, so please feel free to comment on anything I write, or ask questions about anything you're interested in learning about. Sometimes I surprise myself with how much I've learned over the years, other times, I'm stumped and will have to look it up myself :-) Either way, I will try to answer any questions that come my way.

I am very fortunate to love what I do for a living, and hope to share that passion with all of you.

Coach Matt