Advanced bike Sizing information

If you are uncertain what sized bike to buy, and wish to not only ensure that you get the right size bike, but one that is best suited to the type of riding that you do, what you are seeking is what I call an "advanced sizing" session. It is roughly a mid-point between doing a full-on bike fit, and a brief sizing session (to make sure you fit on a large vs a medium frame, for example). What the advanced sizing session will do is to get you to the point where we are reasonably confident that we've got a set of frame and parts specs that we can start to do some hunting around for a bike that will fit. I will help you to find an appropriate size and type of bike based on what we determine in the advanced sizing session.


The cost for this is $200. This is essentially an insurance policy that the bike you purchase will actually fit you. If you are someone whose height and body dimensions are outside the typical range (e.g., very tall or short) you will need to carefully select your frame and components. This advanced sizing session is the process needed to get you the right bike in the right size.


If you follow-up with me to do a full bike fit after purchasing your new bike (strongly recommended), I will discount my usual fee of $295 (for a Retul motion-capture fit; the most accurate in the industry) to $195 for a savings of $100.