Flying down a hill, wind at our backs, an open road in front of us…….the descent is all the sweeter because we’ve ridden UP that mountain we’d always been afraid of…until today. We ride for these moments of joy.  

My passion is to help YOU find the joy in your cycling, by enhancing your experience on the bike. In racing and training, I’ve learned that our best selves become accessible, when everything is working together: bike, body, mind and heart. I work with you to bring all of these forces together, to enhance them, to help you to go faster, more comfortably and confidently than you ever have before.

More about Coach Matt

Elements I Focus On With Athletes

The way your bike fits your body while in motion, with its slight asymmetries, is a three-dimensional puzzle we can optimize together. When our bikes fit us correctly, we feel we are “at home” on our bike, and are gifted with more comfort, more efficiency, less risk of injury.

The current state of your fitness, with its training and rest requirements, is your starting point, and our training springboard. Physiological assessment helps us to create training zones that are specific to YOU.

Your mind and sprit propel you on your quest – together, over time, we learn your strengths and motivators, and help you to look at the challenges that inevitably arise for all athletes. Your monthly training plan is the beginning of the journey - It’s about so much more than just your bike and your body - cycling is a way to discover ourselves more fully.

I have made a study of cyclists and cycling, and apply my expertise to help athletes meet their goals within the constraints of the reality of their lives. All of my work is customized for YOU.

My Credentials

I am someone who synthesizes disparate information into a coherent whole by paying attention to anything even remotely related to the sport. The athletes who come to me are strong, smart, motivated people who have gotten “stuck” at their current level of fitness and are looking for guidance to get past this sticking point. Once they start to see the progress that is possible, when the fun and excitement that brought them into this returns, they are able to push themselves harder…..and farther than they ever thought possible. When this happens, and I have been part of this process, this is what makes me love my job. 

Cycling at its best truly is all about Joy.

  • Twelve years’ professional experience, with hundreds of successful clients
  • USA Cycling Level 2 Certified Coach
  • Retul certified bike-fitter – Retul is the leading 3D motion-capture fit method
  • F.I.S.T.,, and BG (Specialized Body Geometry) Level 3 (most advanced) certified fitter
  • M.A. Psychology, Northern Illinois University